Laboratory of Physical and Chemical Quality Control of Medicines and Cosmetics

Description: An automatic analytical balance, an automatic precision scale, a potentiometer, a thermostatic bath, a UV-Vis spectrophotometer (SHIMADZU CORPORATION- Mod. UV-1800), a 4-liter capacity freezer, a greenhouse, a vacuum pump, a UV-Vis spectrum (BIOSPECTRO - Mod. SP 220), a heating plate, and others.


Laboratory of Microbiological Quality Control of Medicines and Cosmetics

Description: Biological safety cabin BIO SEG 09, CLASS II Type A1; stove incubator, microprocessed for B.O.D. Q315M16; microprocessed culture and bacteriology stove Q316M4 - QUIMIS; refrigerator duplex; automatic macroman pipettor; magnetic stirrer, among others.


Laboratory of Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry

Description: It has ultraviolet spectrophotometer, dry greenhouse, electronic analytical scales, exhaust hood, magnetic stirrer with heating, rotary evaporator, hood, centrifugal vacuum pump, drying oven, analytical chromatograph merck-hitachi lachrom 7000 with detector DAD, spectrophotometer, water purifier, stereoscopic magnifying glass and BIOVAL optical microscope.


In vitro Assay Laboratory

Description: A semi-analytical balance, an analytical balance, a water bath, a ph meter, a heated stirrer, two vortexes, two biological safety booths, a tube centrifuge, a refrigerated centrifuge, two microbiological greenhouses, a drying of material, three optical microscopes, three refrigerators, an ELISA reader, a fluorescence microscope, a capillary electrophoresis system, among others.


Laboratory of Pharmacognosy

Description: It has four large benches with sink, exhaust hood, optical microscope, magnifying glass, greenhouses for drying of glassware, water bath equipment, heating blanket, semi-analytical balance, refrigerator, heating plate, analytical reagents and glassware in general.


Laboratory of Pharmacology

Description: It has plethysmometer, hot plate, analgesimeter, refrigerator, chimaographs and circulation pump.


Computer lab

Description: In the Computer Program Laboratory, the eight computers installed are equipped with UFPA network cabling and basic and advanced text, image and statistical programs. Each machine contains the following software: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, Windows 7 Professional 64-bit Service Pack 1; Microsoft Office 2007 application package, McAfee Total Protection antivirus, Adobe Fireworks CS5, Adobe Acrobat Reader X, Easy Cleaner registry cleaner software, Mozilla Firefox 9.0.1 browser, Adobe Flash Player, Java JRE 6 Update 30, 7zip unzip software and Biostat 5.3. There is a 20,000btus split cooling unit and a 32-inch television for multimedia use.


Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Research and Development Laboratory

Description: The Laboratory has a High Efficiency Liquid Chromatography System (HPLC), an infrared spectrophotometer, an ultra-water purification system, an ultrasonic bath, a spray dryer, a viscometer, an analytical balance; two precision electronic balances, three anti-vibration tables for scales, a potentiometer, an electric conductivity determiner, an infrared humidity determination scale, a sieve shaker for granulometry determination, a vacuum pump, a camera microscope for coupled image capture, an ultra-water purification system; two microcomputers, a notebook, a UV-vis spectrophotometer, a climatic chamber, an in vitro skin permeation system, a refrigerator, a heating plate, a bacteriological oven, glassware, and solvents.


Laboratory of Plant Extract Processing

Description: Gilson preparative chromatograph with L50 head; lyophilizer with edwards pump; infrared moisture analyzer (Model IV 2000); stove for drying; knife mill; muffle; lyophilizer; fraction collector (model 205); electromagnetic stirrer for sieves.


Laboratory of Plant Material Processing

Description: It has the following equipment: two forced air circulation greenhouses, a mill, a sieve agitator to determine the granulometry, a drying and sterilization oven, a muffle oven, two percolators, an analytical balance, a weighing scale of vegetable material (Capacity of 5 kg), an infrared sclale for humidity determination, among others.


Laboratory of Computational Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Description: They have five computers, printers, notebooks and several molecular modeling software.


Toxicology Laboratory

Description: A full-featured VARIAN liquid chromatograph (HPLC) equipped with a UV detector and a fluorescence detector, a BIOSPECTRO UV-VIS spectrophotometer, a centrifuge for tapered tubes, Eppendorff, a clinical centrifuge, a cell disruptor an analytical balance, a semi-analytical balance, a tube homogenizer, a thermostated bath (water bath) with temperature regulation, a 45-kHz ultrasonic bath with heating and a timer, a pHTEK PHS-3B digital pH meter, a Vortex, a UV chamber, an exhaust hood, a vacuum pump, an -80 °C ultra-freezer, among others.