Qualification of professionals

PPGCF has counted on the collaboration of its teaching staff in the qualification of the UFPA technical staff, through the Support Program for the Qualification of Teaching and Technical-Administrative Servers (PADT). In which the PPGCF offers vacancies in Proceedings published by the Pro-Rectory of Research and Post-Graduation (PROPESP) for institutional qualification, whose objective is to promote the training of staff of the institution in strictu sensu graduate courses. The titling given to the servers by the Program through PADT has the same profile of the other graduates.

Other actions of solidarity of the PPGCF are with Institutions of Higher Education of the Amazon, such as The Federal University of Amazonas and Federal University of Amapá.


Teaching in Higher Education

Faced with the transformations that higher education is currently experiencing, especially with regard to the researcher's work, the discipline "Teaching in Higher Education" has provided the application of new technologies or active methodologies for graduate teaching. This course is taught by professor Marcos Valério Silva, together with other professors of the UFPA Institute of Education, and has provided ample debates about this new reality.


Health Education Congress of the Amazon (COESA)

The Institute of Health Sciences (ICS), UFPA, promotes every year the Congress of Health Education in the Amazon (COESA), which counts on the participation of professors and students of the PPGCF in the evaluation of papers presented at the event, and lectures and also collaborating in the organization of the event.