Enrollment in the Master Course will be processed in accordance with the General Regiment of the Federal University of Pará, in the pertinent resolutions promulgated by the Higher Council for Education, Research and Extension and in accordance with the provisions of this Regiment.

The student enrolled must request registration in disciplines, through his own form, with the formal consent of the counselor.

At the beginning of each school year, the student must ratify his / her enrollment, with which he / she will submit a report regarding the activities carried out during the previous school year, except for students who enroll in the first semester of the Course.

The student's activity report must be completed in an appropriate form provided by the General Administrative Office of the Program and signed by the student and the counselor.


Enrollment Period 2018/1

2/23 to 3/30

Enrollments can be made online (except for defenses and extensions) and with the delivery of the forms in the course Administrative Office.



Semi-annual report

Registration form in the semester