Biochemical Aspects of Oxidative Stress in Infectious and Parasitic Diseases

Leader: Sandro Percário

Vice-Leader: Maria Fâni Dolabela


Development and Innovation of Pharmaceutical and / or Cosmetic Products

Leader: José Otávio Carréra Silva Júnior

Vice-Leader: Roseane Maria Ribeiro Costa


Documentation and Research of Medicinal Plants and Traditional Herbal Products – GPLAM

Leader: Wagner Luiz Ramos Barbosa

Vice-Leader: Maria Vivina Barros Monteiro


Clinical Studies and Innovation in Neglected Diseases

Leader: Marta Chagas Monteiro

Vice-Leader: Pedro Roosevelt Torres Romão


Pharmacology of Inflammation and Behavior

Leader: Cristiane do Socorro Ferraz Maia


Research Group on Medicines, Health and Society

Leader: Marcieni Ataide de Andrade

Vice-Leader: Marcos Valério Santos da Silva


Research Group on Medicine

Leader: José Carlos Tavares Carvalho

Vice-Leader: Caio Pinho Fernandes


ICEN-UFPA Organic Chemistry Group

Leader: Lourivaldo da Silva Santos

Vice-Leader: Mara Silvia Pinheiro Arruda


Research, Development and Technological Innovation of Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Nutraceutical Products from Raw Materials of Natural, Synthetic or Biotechnology Origin

Leader: Edemilson Cardoso da Conceição


Aromatic and Oleaginous Plants of the Amazon

Leader: Jose Guilherme Soares Maia

Vice-Leader: Lênio José Guerreiro de Faria


Medicinal Chemistry and Therapeutic Innovation

Leader: Rosivaldo dos Santos Borges

Vice-Leader: Agnaldo da Silva Carneiro


Collective Health in the Amazon: nucleus of excellence in clinical research in basic care

Leader: Marcos Valério Santos da Silva

Vice-Leader: Marcieni Ataide de Andrade


Technology and Innovation Chemical and Pharmaceutical of Medicines and Cosmetics

Leader: Rosivaldo dos Santos Borges

Vice-Leader: Carlos Augusto Lima Barros



Leader: Jose Luiz Fernandes Vieira