Interaction with the society

The PPGCF is an integral part of institutional projects that promote the interaction of students with the external community through various types of activities, thus enabling the student of the Program to have an overview of the reality of the Amazon region enriching the knowledge produced in the course and student learning. Among these projects, we can highlight the Tutorial Education Programs (PET). The PPGCF has a participation in PET-Pharmacy and PET-Health, both coordinated by teachers Fani Dolabela and Marciene Ataide respectively, where training actions involving elderly health, women's health, injectables, first aid and others are carried out. Also noteworthy is the participation of PPGCF students in the Drug Information Center and the Center for Toxicological Information


Light in the Amazon Project

In 2013, the Program counted on the participation of students in actions of the Light in the Amazon project. The project is the result of a Technical Cooperation Agreement between UFPA and the Brazilian Bible Society (SBB), which has been developing the project since 1962 in order to provide social and spiritual assistance to the people living in the Amazon. The project has its own boat that travels in rivers around the metropolitan region of Belém, serving the population that lives on the banks. Participating students are accompanied by guiding teachers to perform biological material collection, plant specimens and other elements that will be used their laboratory experiments. During the travel hours, the students also participate in multidisciplinary group discussions that deal with themes pertinent to the Pharmaceutical Sciences in the Amazon.